What I’m reading: Vol. 117.

What I’m reading: Vol. 117.

What I'm reading. Book photo by Ed Robertson on Unsplash


Hello my darlings,  

Well, I just had my second pandemic birthday! Not something I was expecting to ever be able to say. But we’ve had some incredible weather here in the past week and I’m so grateful that I’ve been able to get outside and feel the sun on my skin more lately! 

I hope that March is treating you all well so far. Here’s what I’m reading!


What I’m reading:

King Of Scars Leigh Bardugo: Indiebound/Amazon

I was a little nervous to read this book because it is an expansion on a series that I absolutely love (see my review here) and I was scared the new material wouldn’t live up to the original. My worry was unfounded, though, because this book is fantastic! Creative and enthralling and different enough from the original series to feel like a whole new thing. King of Scars takes place after the original Grisha books and follows different characters. 

Also, there’s about to be a Grisha TV show on Netflix!! You should read all of the Grisha books before the show comes out and the plot becomes common knowledge. 

Love Scenes by Bridget Morrisey: Amazon

I’m having a great time reading this book! It follows the story of Sloane Ford, out-of-work actress who is struggling to balance her own career with the pressure of her famous Hollywood family. When Sloane encounters a man from her past who she hoped never to see again, she needs to make some decision about what she wants her life to be like. It is light and fun, with lots of focus on family and the challenge of establishing your own identity. 


Celtic Knots: Discover the Meaning Behind These Intricate Designs.

Murderous Elves, Silent Moths, and Modern Phrenology: Well-researched stories from Atlas Obscura, Physics World, and other publications that bridge the gap between news and scholarship.

Amateur Treasure Hunter Unearths Missing Centerpiece of Henry VIII’s Crown.

‘AnonyMouse’ Street Artists Install Miniature Shops and Restaurants for Mice on City Streets. These are even cuter and more delightful than they sound!

Not Everyone has a “Miniatures Room”, but this Guy Does! This is well worth a look, trust me. 

Discovery of a 9,000 Year-Old Burial of a Female Hunter Challenges Prehistoric Gender Roles.

He Invented the Rubik’s Cube. He’s Still Learning From It. I hate Rubik’s cubes but I’m also fascinated by them.

This Artist Creates the Most Amazing Paper Cranes with Feathery Details. Beautiful and amazing!  

Pioneering Black American Jewelry Designers In History.

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