The Pearl Boys – The Pearl Girls present images of men in pearls!

The Pearl Boys – The Pearl Girls present images of men in pearls!

May The Pearl Girls present… The Pearl Boys!

The most interesting thing has been happening in the world of pearls these days… Men are wearing pearls! Classic strands of pearls! I see them all over! I want you to know that these stars are not wearing any of The Pearl Girls gems however I thought it would be fun to show off how pearls truly are everywhere (even on men!!)!

Many years ago I did a post about the funky pearls of Pharrell:Pharrell-Williams-Happy-Pearls-on-oprah

And I am not sure I will ever be able to forget this image from the cover of Vanity Fair magazine in 2005. What a handsome man pearl! Here is Pierce Brosnan wearing a simple black pearl.

pierce-brosnan-the-pearl-boys((I-could-stare-at-this photo-all-day-long))







A Fashionista and His Pearls

And recently the fashion designer and fashionista Marc Jacobs is wearing his go-to strand of pearls! I am talking about the classic, walk through life, gorgeous single strand of pearls! Look at these images of Marc Jacobs that I grabbed off of his Instagram account! In so many of his images he is wearing a simple, classic strand of pearls! At work, at leisure. It is a wide array of pearls and selfies!

Singers in Pearls

Singers are joining The Pearl Boys trend, too! Harry Styles is a solo artist from England who got his career start with One Direction and now is out on his own. I saw a spread of his in a magazine once and was quite surprised by his wild and eclectic style. And, yes, his pearls! Here are, again, some photos from Instagram:

How far does this new trend reach? Well, there is another group of boys, brothers, who wear matching pearls. See The Jonas Brothers in pearls:

Canadian singer Shawn Mendes decided to go a little more baroque in his choice of pearls. He also appears to have a more relaxed style. I have always said you can wear your t-shirt with your pearls! Shawn seems to agree!

t-shirt and pearls








Then again, a jacket and pearls works, too!

suit and pearls








The list seems to go on and on. I saw images of singers Usher and A$AP Rocky in pearls and rumors of more. I guess these men are tired of women having all the fun with pearls. And thus the pearl boys took a cue from the pearl girls and got their own strand of pearls.

So fun!


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