Summer in full swing! – Kojima Pearl

Summer in full swing! – Kojima Pearl

Take a break out of your day and feast on some of these Summer pieces we’ve put together.

Keep it light! 

These simple chain necklaces are lovingly made with a collection of colorful stones set atop Sea of Cortez rainbow lipped oyster mabe pearls. 

These “little gem” necklaces are bright, light and playful. 

These green/gold and blue vintage Japan Akoya pearls came out of the Pacific Pearls family vault! A trio of lengths and different colors are lovely by themselves and regal together. 

Two wonderful long Tahitian pearl ropes… do you keshi my drift? 
A batch of our latest “inner petal” rings, rhodium plated with BIG pearls and tiny gemstone clusters. 

feather pearls, Japan Kasumi and another little magic necklace to keep it light this season

We’re off to join our Pearl-Guide friends for the Pearl Ruckus this weekend,

and very much looking forward to it.

Hope you’re all having a fantastic Summer! 

We’ll be back next week with loads more photos for you. 

Summer in full swing! – Kojima Pearl News

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