Should You Buy Your Engagement Ring with Your Partner?

Should You Buy Your Engagement Ring with Your Partner?

Younger couples are breaking from the mold to embrace a variety of new wedding trends. From opting for colorful gemstones to tossing the bouquet toss, wedding and engagement traditions are perpetually changing and evolving. One of the fastest-growing trends we’ve noticed is a rise in couples buying the bride’s engagement ring together. According to a 2017 study from the Knot, today, one in every three couples goes shopping for an engagement ring together

Each love is unique. Ultimately only you and your partner can decide whether you should pick out your engagement ring together as a couple; nevertheless, there are a few key pros and cons to keep in mind before you decide whether to buy an engagement ring alone or with your partner.

You Know She’ll Love the Ring

You Know They’ll Love the Ring

At the end of the day, they’ll be the one wearing the ring every day for the rest of their life. It’s imperative to make sure the ring is perfect for them. And what person knows your partner’s tastes better than your partner? Including your future spouse in the engagement ring shopping process eliminates the risk that comes with ring shopping, since you know they’ll love the ring. Moreover, having a say in their engagement ring can make many women feel empowered. Plus, it also can demonstrate that you value and prioritize your partner’s opinion and tastes before you ask them to spend the rest of their life with you.

Show how well you know her with an engagement ring

You Won’t Be Able to Show How Well You Know Your Partner

Finding the perfect engagement ring without your partner’s contribution can serve as a clear demonstration of how well you know your future finance. There can definitely be pride in nailing their dream engagement ring without any input. Although shopping for an engagement ring together guarantees that they’ll love the ring, you don’t have the same chance to showcase your vast knowledge of their tastes.

Working together as a team to pick out an engagement ring

Team Work Makes the Dream Work

An engagement ring is a big purchase. Taking the plunge with your partner gives you a chance to work through the process as a team when shopping for an engagement ring together. The experience of finding the dream engagement ring can be a magical process, and walking through this challenge hand in hand gives you and your partner a chance to work together. Plus, every time they look at the ring, they’ll think of the process of picking it out with you.

Announcing engagement

It Complicates Sharing the News

Make sure you and your partner agree when you plan to share the news about your engagement. If you’re planning to ask their family, prior to your official proposal, you may way to consider keeping your shopping trip a secret if you haven’t had the chance to talk with them yet.

Would you or your partner feel uncomfortable if either of you told your loved ones that you went shopping for an engagement ring together before you officially propose? Make sure you discuss it before anyone accidentally spills the news!

Stress less during the proposal

Less Stress

Getting all of the information you need to propose, from metal preferences to ring size while keeping your planned proposal under wraps can prove challenging. Visiting the local jeweler with your partner simplifies your process.  There is no need to resort to calling their friends, researching Pinterest boards, or secretly measuring their ring finger in order to keep the proposal a surprise. Instead, you can simply ask your partner for their input when shopping for an engagement ring together.

Nontraditional Proposal

It Throws Tradition to the Wind

Historically, proposals were supposed to be a surprise. If you, or your bride, are especially traditional, you may not be as keen to go shopping for an engagement ring together. Likewise, older and more traditional family members may have questions about why you opted to go engagement ring shopping together.

Couple Holding Hands

It Can Open the Door to Talking
About Finances

Budget can be a key factor when it
comes to selecting the right engagement ring. Likewise, finances can be an important
aspect of creating your future lives together. If you’ve struggled to discuss
finances in the past, shopping for an engagement ring together opens the door
for an open and honest conversation.

Moreover, an increasing number of women are open to contributing to the cost of an engagement ring. Shopping for the ring together is a natural transition if you’re interested in potentially purchasing the ring together and sharing the expense.  

Halo Engagement Ring

Budget Can Be a Factor

If you have a clear budget in mind, and you bring your partner with you to pick out the ring, you may have to consider laying your budget out explicitly. This will prevent your partner from falling in love with a ring that is outside of your budget. Although jewelers, like Buchroeders, can often recreate styles with a few minor changes to help you achieve your dream ring at any budget, you may have to lay your cards out regarding your budget before you go shopping together.

Designing a custom engagement ring

Go Custom

Your love is one of a kind. Your ring should be too. Whether it’s a unique engraving or a completely custom ring, we’ve seen an increasing number of couples opting for customized engagement rings. When you can create an engagement ring from scratch, designing a ring can ensure that you are creating their absolute dream engagement ring. However, without your soon-to-be fiance’s input there can be a lot of guesswork when it comes to designing their dream engagement ring.  Including your partner in the custom design process can help to streamline and simplify the process, to create a ring you know they’ll adore.

It Stifles the Surprise

If you’re hoping to completely take your partner completely by surprise with an unexpected proposal, shopping for an engagement ring together may be a bit of a spoiler. Although your partner will not know when, where or how you’re planning to propose, if you do take them shopping, you will not have the same opportunity to catch them off guard with a proposal if you take them shopping ahead of time.

The Proposal Can Still Be Magical

With less ring stress on your plate, shopping for an engagement ring together means that you’ll be able to focus on your proposal. Instead of worrying about the shopping process, you can emphasize the proposal to create a romantic, heart-stopping, breathtaking, rom-com, moment. And even if your partner has a general idea that a proposal is coming, you can surprise them with the place and the time, to sweep their off them feet when they least expect it.

Sara Sarno

My favorite part of creating a custom engagement ring is the awe in my clients eyes when they finally see the finished piece.

Not to mention that the friendships I have forged with my clients along the way are pretty rewarding too! I want people to remember me by my eccentric and unique personality along with my willingness to serve others. I am a huge child at heart and I want someone to remember me for the times I made them laugh and smile. My ability to connect and entertain is extremely important to me.

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