really a Ruckus to remember – Kojima Pearl

really a Ruckus to remember – Kojima Pearl

Every year at the end of July, 

we gather with our fellow Pearl-Guide friends in Los Angeles for a weekend of true pearl FUN. 

Hosted by the generous power couple ,

The group of us gathered in a gorgeous mansion in the Beverly Hills to listen to lectures given by : 

(North America’s ONLY salt water pearl farm). 

Douglas is a gifted speaker and a BRILLIANT mind. 

His lectures are always fascinating and FUNNY! 

We love the gorgeous color of Sea of Cortez pearls and use them often in our designs. 

Josh Humbert also gave a lecture on how he raises his gorgeous Tahitian pearls in sustainable and environmentally sound ways at his farm on Ahe in French Polynesia. 

Kamoka pearls are true gems, and we have been honored to work with them in the pearl business for many years now. 

Having made visits to the Kamoka pearl farm, I can attest to their commitment to the environment and also the magic that is Ahe. 

Ruth Johnson was the LUCKY winner of a contest sponsored by Pearl Paradise and won a trip to visit the Atlas Pearl farm on Bali Indonesia!

She showed us a wonderful video of her adventure! 

Renee Newman, the author of multiple books on pearls and gemstones..

The Pearl Buying Guide is available online and it is a fantastic way to educate yourself on up to date information! 

You may recognize the photo we donated to this cover of the latest edition! 

We’re delighted it was chosen! 

Blaire Beavers, the moderator of was honored with a lovely necklace this year, and also gave a talk on the wild adventures of Octavia, the mascot of Pearl-Guide. 

Octavia has spent time at pearl farms and with fellow forum members all over the world. 

This year our gathering was in honor of our dear friend Caitlin Williams, a long time moderator of the forum and a brilliant and loving woman… who is and will be dearly missed.

It was a wonderful blessing to have her daughter, son-in-law and grandson in attendance to carry on her legacy in pearls. 


This year was our biggest group yet! 

Smiles were plenty, the food was phenomenal.. and the view was breathtaking. 

Everyone wore their best pearls and traded stories into the wee hours. 

This event is such a joy for me. 

Thank you Jeremy and Hisano and the whole team at Pearl Paradise for graciously keeping this pearl rolling for all these years! 

really a Ruckus to remember – Kojima Pearl News

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