Pretty pink jewels by Alexia Connellan.

Pretty pink jewels by Alexia Connellan.

I wasn’t planning on doing any kind of Valentine’s Day post this year but then these pretty pink jewels by Alexia Connellan showed up in my inbox and they were everything I needed to see right now and I knew I HAD to show them to you.

Victoria Bracelet by Alexia Connellan. With pink tourmaline, diamonds, and pink sapphires.

I didn’t originally recognize Alexia Connellan’s name but when I looked at her website, I quickly realized that I have fallen in love with her designs before! Most memorably was this gorgeous sunny yellow ring at a previous years’ of the AGTA Spectrum Awards Design Competition.

Alexia Connelian’s work is characterized by the expert use of rare gemstones in vibrant, joyful colors. She’s a gemologist as well as a painter and sculptor; her designs are the product of a lifetime of seeing the world through an artist’s eye.

Spiral earrings by Alexia Connellan, with morganite, pink sapphire, and akoya pearls.

These pretty pink jewels were released as a Valentine’s Day capsule collection, but I think we can all agree they’d be perfect for wearing any day (or every single day?).

These are the luscious Alexia Connellan Sprial earrings. They feature two pink akoya pearls surrounded by pink sapphire and diamond melee and two beautiful morganite drops (9.5 TCW) in 18K pink gold.

For this piece, the designer was inspired by the “beautiful curves of Christoper Wren’s “Dean’s Staircase” in London’s St. Paul’s Cathedral and the double helix of DNA.”

A beautiful pink Toi et Moi Ring by Alexia Connellan! Pink and magenta spinel with diamonds and pink sapphires in rose gold and platinum.

Could this ring by any more romantic?? It’s in the toi et moi style, which means “you and me” in French.

“I acquired these two gems at the same time and they always looked like a loving couple to me. Their colors and shapes complemented each other so well that I could not bear to split them up into two separate pieces of jewelry.

I decided to put them together in a Toi et Moi ring and let these two soulmates remain together forever.”

This Toi et Moi ring features two extraordinary unheated spinels with pink sapphire and diamond melee in pink gold and platinum.

The hydrangea earrings by Alexia Connellan. Pink sapphires and diamonds in pink and peach gold with South Sea pearls.

These are the stunning Alexia Connellan hydrangea earrings. I have a particular weakness for these because we had hydrangeas in my yard growing up and these earrings really do evoke their bountiful pink puffs of blossoms.

These earrings feature a pair of white South Sea pearls with pink sapphire and diamond melee in 18K pink and peach gold.

The Princess of Hearts and Queen of Hearts necklaces by Alexia Connellan. Biurmese ruby and pink spinel with diamonds.

These two pendants are the Queen of Hearts and Princess of Hearts pendants. They feature a Burmese ruby (left) and unheated pink spinel center stone within a star halo formed of heart shaped diamonds.

Alexia Connellan isn’t just a designer with an eye for extraordinary gemstones, she is also a designer who is committed to doing right by the communities who mine those gemstones. She uses ethically sourced Artisanal and Small Scale Mined (ASM) colored gemstones and post-consumer recycled diamond melee in her pieces whenever possible.

Victoria Bracelet by Alexia Connellan, side view. With pink tourmaline, diamonds, and pink sapphires.

I gave you a peek at this bracelet up top, but it deserved a closer look. How glamorous is that side view? This beauty features a 16.11 purple pink tourmaline in the center with pink sapphire and diamonds melee in pink gold.

What do you think, my darlings? Do these designs call to you the same way they call to me? Does the pink rock your world too, or would you rather see these pretty pink jewels in a different hue?

If you want more pink jewels, I now have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to this glorious color! You can also see pink pretties by Omi Prive here, by Suzy Landa here, and by Tiffany Co here.

See more from Alexia Connellan on her website.

Images c/o Alexia Connellan.

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