Pearls – The Next Big Thing in Jewellery?

Pearls – The Next Big Thing in Jewellery?

We love new things that challenge our perception of what is possible, like something jaw-droppingly complex made very simple or something as subtle as a pearl made to look elegant and bold. 

We are naturally attracted to new things. But when it comes to jewellery, it is understandable that you want something new and as well as everlasting. 

Traditional gold and silver jewellery do not have many design options due to their material properties. Pearl jewellery, on the other hand, is a whole new world of its own. 

  • Pearls come in numerous vibrant colours 
  • Pearls can be paired with other gemstones like diamonds, rubies and more 
  • Pearls can even be a part of traditional gold and silver jewellery 
  • Pearls have more design options, making them perfect for every occasion 
  • Pearls come in a wide range of prices, so you can be sure to find the right kind for you 

Vibrant Colours of Pearls 

Precious and vibrant! Where else have you heard these two words together? 

It is rare to find precious jewellery that comes in jaw-dropping and eye-catching vibrant colours. When it comes to pearls, there is a pearl colour for every mood and every price! 

  • White pearls – The classics never get old! 
  • Black pearls – Timeless and bold! 
  • Pink pearls – A personality to unfold! 
  • Golden pearls – A sight to behold! 

Those four colours are the most widely available ones! Apart from those, Pure Pearls also has other exotic pearl colours like copper, grey, lavender, green and blue! 

Pairing Pearls with Gemstones 

Do you like to go the extra mile and put on some extra flair on your amazing pearl jewellery sets? Then pair them with precious gemstones like rubies, emeralds and diamonds! 

At Pure Pearls, we have an extensive collection of exotic luxury pearl jewellery sets that include the most precious gemstones like rubies, emeralds, sapphire, zircon, quartz and more! In the event that you do not find what you are looking for, then do not hesitate to contact us. We will work with you on a custom-designed exclusive pearl set at no additional cost! 

Pearls Meet Gold and Silver 

Gold and silver jewellery could soon be a thing of the past with pearls storming their way into the jewellery boxes of actors, fashionistas, jewellery enthusiasts and more! However, it can be difficult to part ways from gold and silver jewellery if you have a lot of affinity with them. 

To keep you on with the trend, Pure Pearls has an exclusive collection of pearl jewellery sets that use silver. Reach out to us if you want a custom-designed jewellery piece with precious metals! 

Design Options in Pearl Jewellery Sets 

Pearls offer a world of customizability! You can get numerous designs even in a single line plain pearl necklace; like graded pearls, multicolour pearls and more! 

Since pearls go well with other metals, the options you have increase multi-fold. The Pure Pearls website says it all! 

If you have a specific design in mind, the expert designers at Pure Pearls will custom design the ideal piece exclusively for you! 

Pearls for Every Price 

When it comes to jewellery, you might sometimes forgo what you really want because of the expensive price. Gold jewellery is a classic example of this. It is not easy to get gold jewellery sets for low prices. 

On the other hand, because of the large variety of pearls, you have a wide range of prices to choose from. At Pure Pearls, we offer pearl jewellery all the way from INR 1,000 to even as high as more than INR 3,00,000, and we even ship worldwide! So, you can be certain to find the perfect pearl set for the unique you. 

Pearls are the Go-To Jewellery for Celebrities and Fashionistas 

Pearls are revered across film industries and are loved by many celebrities all over the world! From Rani Mukherjee to Cardi B, you will hardly find anybody who has never worn pearls! 

From the royal look for the legends of the film industry to the cool look for the budding stars in Hollywood, Bollywood and more, pearls have got their back! 


“When it comes to jewellery, there is nothing more classic than a pearl. Considered the world’s oldest gems because they emerge from their shells as finished products, requiring no cutting or shaping, the baubles have been sought after since the Middle Ages, as much for their beauty as for their mystical properties.”, wrote The New York Times in their article titled ‘Pearls Are Forever’. 

Be a part of the future and get your pearls today at Pure Pearls! 

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