Pearls By The Bay – Kojima Pearl

Pearls By The Bay – Kojima Pearl

We started the day with bright sunshine in the quaint harbor village of Sausalito!

The mannequin ambassadors welcomed our guests with chic elegance and flowers in their hair.

The Casa Madrona Hotel and Spa was abuzz with the reunions of pearl friends from near and far.

We had an entire wall of unique pearl jewelry, loose pearls, strands and pearl pairs to choose from and there was no fighting :). 

Lunch, catered by Poggio’s was fantastic!  

While we relaxed after eating, Douglas McLaurin-Moreno pearl farmer at Perlas Del Mar de Cortez, (Sea of Cortez Pearls) gave us lecture about the sustainability of pearliculture and the history pearl harvesting in the Sea of Cortez . He taught us about the Rainbow lipped oyster and the Black lipped oyster, and about how his farm is the ONLY saltwater pearl farm in North America.
After that, Fuji Voll gave everyone the giggles with his speech “As Shady As a Pearl Dealer“, drawing from both ancient history and his own life being raised in the pearl business.  Click the link to read a copy of his talk. 

And then the much anticipated: PEARL BINGO FOR PRIZES !

The prizes got increasingly fantastic, starting with a gift certificate to The Beader’s Secret, another gift certificate for Kojima Pearl, a gift certificate from Pacific Pearls, and a grand prize of a set of pearl jewelry! We were all thrilled when Walt won the gift certificate to Kojima Pearl, knowing he would probably give it to Cathy. The Grand Prize went to our youngest guests at the party and rumor has is Naujda has been wearing her earrings ever since! The bonus round of Pearl Bingo was taken by Douglas who got a ride in a Ferrari to the sunset schooner. 

After everyone had a chance to recharge, we all met at the dock to embark on The Freda B, a 100+ year old schooner that has been restored in the world famous boat yard of Sausalito.

We couldn’t have asked for better weather. The golden hour upon us as we “set sail” past Tiburon, Angel Island, and towards the majestic Golden Gate bridge.

A flock of pelicans graced us with their flight formation. The ship’s crew served us sparkling wine and snacks, and Booz distributed a small pearl to everyone to participate in a collective offering of a gift back to the Sea. Desert was compliments of The Dassler’s : known for their annual care packages of chocolate dipped pretzels. 

Nobody wanted it to end! When we got back to the dock, many hugs went all around. Til next year! 


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