my magical time in Montréal – Kojima Pearl

my magical time in Montréal – Kojima Pearl

After communicating with The Duchesse for 8 years via email,

I decided it was time to finally meet her in person.

She is the author of the fashion / practical advice blog

If you are not already an avid follower…

trust me, follow the link and let her delight your inbox!

Arriving in Montréal, was met with a charming apartment, macarons, and a fantastic meeting face to face with a woman I had revered for so long. 

Duchesse handed me a map of the city and a metro card, and carefully laid out the adventures she had tailored to my interests. 

I was in heaven. 

We talked incessantly about art, culture, womanhood, fashion and of course pearls. 

We wandered the streets and the gorgeous open air market of Villeray. 

We even got to see Chance the Rapper at the Bell Centre. 

One morning we  went to the Guild Gallery downtown where I was honored to meet Janis Kerman

Janis was having an exhibition of her 45years of contemporary jewelry!

She was so gracious to show me each and every piece in the show. 

She is SUCH an inspiring woman. 

A dear friend of mine dropped in from Toronto for 24 hours with a suitcase full of gemstones and we had a great time catching up.

With the Janis Kerman show behind me and all these colorful gems in front of me, I felt fueled for the next round of original Kojima designs. 

The Duchesse introduced me to some of the best shopping.

 At nearly every turn we  enjoyed AMAZING food and of course ice cream! 


Montréal is a phenomenal city with a diverse population of really really nice people, fantastic public transportation and a deep appreciation for the arts…

the best part, by far was meeting The Duc and Duchesse and hearing about their lives and having the opportunity to see the city through their eyes.

They are truly magical beings leading a life we all aspire to. 

Four days was not nearly enough time, and it was also a perfect time. 

 Score one for the internet that brought us together. 


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