Joc Pederson‘s Pearls Broke – The Pearl Girls – Repair Pearls

Joc Pederson‘s Pearls Broke – The Pearl Girls – Repair Pearls

A funny think happened on the night that Joc Pederson’s pearls broke. I was there, sitting in the stands of Truist Park.

Braves win game three

This may not seem, at first, to be so crazy. But, I am the owner of a Georgia based pearl jewelry company, called The Pearl Girls. We are located just 60 miles from the Atlanta Braves stadium. We are one of the only jewelers who specialize solely in pearls. And, we have a huge repair and reknot department. See what I mean? Crazy!

If only Joc had had our number, he wouldn’t have had to fly in his own jeweler. (Take this down, Joc, 706-850-5296… we could have fixed those for you!)

You see, many jewelers do not specialize in pearls. And most jewelry stores do not have a staff pearl knotter. Pearl knotting is typically outsourced. So, when his jeweler arrived, what did he do? He replaced Joc’s necklace, instead of repairing it for him.

Full disclosure…I have since read that his jeweler has an associate who knots pearls for him. So, I am sure he is working on the repair!


Joc pearls

We sports fans are superstitious!!! What are you doing switching pearl necklaces in the middle of the World Series? Fix it! Most fans haven’t even changed their underwear since the World Series began. (Okay, I am not sure if that last part is true… although, it really might be!)

Another crazy thing is, I knew they would break. Again, I didn’t want to sound off any superstitious alarm bells by warning you. Pearls are super sensitive gems. They can be difficult to string and knot (It has taken some of our staff pearl knotters years to perfect the craft). Wearing a strand of pearls in baseball games can be tough on that strand. Sometimes the wear and tear is just too much on the fine silk thread of pearls.

So, Joc Pederson’s pearls broke. And that is okay, right? These things happen. And, like many broken necklaces, they didn’t happen while he was playing. His pearls broke during game three when he wasn’t playing in the outfield. We have customers who wear their pearls for 10, 20, 30 years and then they tell me how they just broke one day. Just like that! And, Joc’s pearls broke, just like that, Friday night while sitting in the dugout!

I hope, by now, you know who this man is. Formerly with the Cubs and Dodgers, Joc was traded to Atlanta in July, 2021. In September he opted to wear pearls instead of a gold chain while playing ball. He is now known for this signature look. And the Braves stands are now packed with men and women wearing some variation of “pearls.” From plastic beads to the real deal, pearls are everywhere on Braves fans necks.

It was certainly the look at our home game Friday night!

Who are these Braves fans, anyway? At Friday’s game I was sitting in front of a couple from Alberta, Canada. My Mom had taken me to the game with her and she explained that the Braves games have always been televised. So, she believes there are Braves fans all over the world who grew up watching our home state team. This was certainly the case with these Canadians who flew in just to see the Braves in this World Series game.

So, the World Series and Pearl mania is upon us! And The Pearl Girls hope it spreads throughout Georgia and the world.

Get your pearls on, we have another game tomorrow night!

And, if you do need your broken pearl strand fixed, learn more about our work HERE!




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