How to Wear Pearls Every Day on Modern Outfits?

How to Wear Pearls Every Day on Modern Outfits?

Even after expanding our pearl jewellery collection extensively, at Pure Pearls, we still get asked the question, “How to wear pearls every day?”. So, we decided to make a quick guide to help you figure out the best pearl necklace styles for various western outfits. 

We already made one guide for pearls on traditional outfits. So, if that is what you are looking for, then check out that article. 

Pearls come in many different shapes, sizes and colours. Taking these and making beautiful handcrafted jewellery from them results in an even larger number of styles! Hence, it can be overwhelming to decide which pearl necklace to buy and for what outfit and when without looking old-fashioned or unnatural. 

Read on and learn how you can rock pearl necklaces on any modern outfit! 

How to Wear Pearls Casually? 

Pearls with T-Shirts and Tank Tops 

T-Shirts and Tank tops are the go-to clothes if you want to get comfortable and be in your element throughout the day. Unfortunately, they do not leave much room for you to dress up and look plush. 

By wearing a pearl necklace, your entire outfit and appearance will be elevated tremendously without compromising on quality! 

A simple choker pearl necklace or a plain white or pink pearl necklace set is the way to go! If you like to add more bling, then you can go for an elegant pearl necklace with a beautiful pendant, like the Diana Collection by Pure Pearls.

Pearl Necklace Set in Sterling Silver Royal Maroon Pendant

Pearls with Hoodies 

We all love hoodies, especially in the winters. They are cosy, warm and tremendously comfortable. But they do also do not let us be glamorous. 

With a pearl necklace, you now can add a touch of glamour to your hip hoodie outfits! But how? Hoodies cover the chest and neckline completely, then how can you wear a pearl necklace? 

The way around this is to wear a round pearl necklace made from large pearls (freshwater or saltwater), over the hoodie rather than under it. It will add depth to your outfit and personality to your face! 

12-13 mm - Fresh water white pearl necklace set

How to Wear Pearls with Jeans and Denim Clothing? 

For hundreds of years, jeans have remained an evergreen trend for various reasons, like their unique trait of going well with pretty much any combination of clothes! Over the years the denim cloth was used to make other garments and not just pants and trousers. Today, you get denim shirts, jackets, and so much more! 

You can add some extra flair to your denim outfit using amazing pearl jewellery! Pairing denim clothing with bold pearl necklaces is sure to make you look magnificent! 

A simple denim outfit by itself gives off casual vibes, but when you add on a white or black round pearl necklace, you are suddenly the epitome of casual elegance! 

1 line white round pearl necklace

Pearls with Regular Denim Colours 

For most denim clothing, white pearls pair perfectly! On black jeans, white pearls add contrast, while on blue jeans white pearls radiate vibrance. 

12mm - 16mm - graded white oval pearl necklace set - a rare find

You can also wear a black pearl necklace on pretty much any type of jeans or denim clothing. They add volume while blending into your outfit due thanks to their neutral shades. 

2 line black plain pearl necklace set

Pearls with Ripped Jeans 

If you love ripped jeans that you are probably the kind of person who exuberates good vibes and charismatic energy. In that case, baroque pearl necklace sets will be your perfect companions! 

Baroque pearl necklaces allow you to break barriers and fashion stereotypes while looking plush! 

Stunning Silvery Freshwater Baroque Pearls photographed in smoke by Pure Pearls

How to Wear Your Pearl Necklace on Formal Attire (Business Wear)? 

If you are going to the office, glamming up is no easy task. A little extra makeup or dress up can give you the trophy of somebody who is “just trying too hard”. So, how can you make a statement with pearl jewellery without overdoing it? 

Ideally, a single strand of striking white necklace with matching pearl earring studs or hangings is the way to go. 

1 line large white round pearl necklace

Many women also love simple single-strand light pink and lavender pearl necklaces. These hues compliment the natural skin tones and also have a warm look to them. 

8mm Round Plain Pink Pearl Necklace Sets in AA Quality Pearls (Single Strand)

Finally, for the women who to be bold and exuberate sophistication, a hypnotic single-strand black pearl necklace will be just perfect! 

2 line black plain pearl necklace set

These simple necklaces go beautifully with most formal clothing including blazers, slim-fit jackets, buttoned shirts, crew neck tops and more! 


All in all, pearls can elevate your style and take your styling game to the next level! It is all about choosing the right design. We hope you found value in this guide and make an informed purchase at Pure Pearls! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. What to wear with a black pearl necklace? 

Black, being a neutral colour, goes well with almost all types of clothes! You can wear a black pearl necklace in casual clothes or formal attire. However, if your black pearl necklace features a large pendant, then it may not be very suitable for casual wear. 

2. What are some cool ways to wear pearls? 

Some cool and chic ways to wear pearls every day are: 

  • Wear pearls with jackets 
  • Wear pearls with hoodies 
  • Wear baroque pearls on casual clothing 

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