How to Buy Pearls in India? – A Quick Guide to Buying Pearls Online

How to Buy Pearls in India? – A Quick Guide to Buying Pearls Online

Unlike other jewellery, people have little knowledge when it comes to pearls. Although many love pearls because of their brilliance, and bold beauty, they have struggled when it comes to making the right purchase decision. 

Pearls come in many different forms and a wide price range. So, how do you make the right decision? 

At Pure Pearls, we are committed to making pearls accessible to all. That is why we put together this really simple guide on buying pearls online from the comfort of your home. 


Simple Pearl-Buying Checklist – The Five S’s 

Shine, Shape, Size, Surface and Shade – these are the parameters that will help you decide the authenticity of the pearls. They are also the factors that are considered before grading and pricing pearls. 

  1. Shine 
  2. Shape 
  3. Size 
  4. Surface 
  5. Shade 

1. Shine

A good quality pearl always reflects the surrounding light. In comparison, pearls of lesser value appear dull. 

Most people prefer pearls that have an excellent shine while some like pearls with a little less lustre. The preference might also change depending on the type of outfit you plan to wear along with your pearl jewellery. 

2. Shape

Pearls come in an ocean of shapes. From funky potato-like shapes to bold round shapes. 

If you want to buy pearls for a formal occasion or traditional wear, then round pearls are the way to go. However, if you are looking to dress informally or heading over to a fun party with friends, then beautiful baroque pearls are a good pick! 

A point to remember is – rounder the pearl, the more expensive it is. 

3. Size 

Pearls come in many sizes. The most common pearl size is in the range of 5mm to 8.5mm. 

Pearls smaller than 5mm, and larger than 8.5mm are usually more expensive because they are rare. 

4. Surface

Pearls are products of nature. Unlike other jewellery, they do not undergo extensive processing and shaping. Therefore, all pearls have minor surface imperfections. 

Depending on the type of pearl jewellery and outfit, sometimes pearls with greater imperfections look better than those with fewer imperfections. 

For example, in the case of coin pearls, a smooth surface would not look the best. However, in the case of round pearl necklace sets, a smoother and shinier surface is much more captivating. 

5. Shade

Pearls come in a range of spectacular colours and shades, including exotic greens to royal blues and champagne hues. 

The classic white, gold and pink pearls are the most valuable among freshwater pearls. Black pearls on the other hand are found only around the region of French Polynesia, and they are saltwater pearls (a.k.a. Tahitian Pearls). 

Learn more about black pearls here. 


Choosing Which Type of Pearls to Buy 

Pearls are broadly divided into two: 

  1. Freshwater pearls 
  2. Saltwater pearls 

Freshwater pearls are much lower in cost, while saltwater pearls are more expensive. 

If you want a detailed breakdown of the different kinds of pearls, check out this guide. 


For First-Time Pearl Buyers 

White blemish free freshwater pearl for finger ring

If you are buying pearls for the first time, then we suggest that you buy freshwater pearls. Since they cost less, you can buy a greater number of pearls at an affordable rate. 


For Pearl Fans 

15.95Carats - 25.52 Ratti, Large, Genuine South Sea Pearl for Finger Ring or Pendant

If you are like us, a person who loves pearls and appreciates their beauty, then you should definitely consider investing in gorgeous saltwater pearls. 

At Pure Pearls, we have all kinds of saltwater pearls including South Sea Pearls, Tahitian Pearls and Akoya Pearls. 


For Purposes of Astrology 

Genuine Keshi Pearl in Silvery White Colour for Astrology Finger Ring

Are you looking to buy pearls upon the suggestion of your astrologer? Then we have just the ones for you! 

Explore our natural Keshi Pearl collection – the perfect pearls for astrology. 

Learn more about the astrological benefits of pearls here. 


How To Buy Pearls Online? – 6 Tips to Keep in Mind

While the convenience of online shopping is un-matchable, you must remember buying jewellery is not the same as shopping for clothes, grocery or electronics online. 

Pearl jewellery is far more valuable. Hence, it is always a good idea to be a little more informed and cautious to ensure a happy shopping experience. 


Tip 1: Always Choose Reliable Vendors 

In today’s world, anybody can put up a shopping website almost instantaneously! So, how do you choose the right place to buy pearls online? 

Ensure that you buy from reputed brands in the niche. For example, Pure Pearls has a built a strong reputation ever since it was established in 2012. To attest to that, you can check the hundreds of five-star ratings on Google and other places across the internet! 


Tip 2: Buy From Exclusive Pearl Stores 

When buying pearl jewellery online, buy them from websites that deal only in pearls and nothing else. 

For instance, if you were to buy a pearl jewellery from a website that also sells faux jewellery, clothes, gold jewellery and more, then the chances are that you will not get the best quality at the best price. 

Pure Pearls, on the other hand, is one of the very few exclusive online pearl jewellery stores in India. So, you get the best deals every time! 


Tip 3: Ask for Certification

Every detail counts. Make sure that product information is included – right from its grading, colour and type of pearls, type of metals used if any, names and details of other stones used. 

Get a better clarity of the product by zooming in and reading the specifications. 

The jeweller should provide a certificate of authenticity for every product purchased. 

At Pure Pearls, our Certificate of Authenticity is valid for a lifetime! 


Tip 4: Ensure You Are Getting the Best Price 

Price is a critical factor. Some stores charge much higher than others for similar products. 

Thanks to the unique business model of Pure Pearls, we are empowered to provide you with the best rate possible. 

Know more about price here. 


Tip 5: Read Online Reviews 

No matter the claims by the brand, the ultimate truth comes from the customers. 

Don’t believe us? Ask the hundreds of people who left five-star ratings on Google for their purchases from Pure Pearls! 


Tip 6: Look for Good Customer Service 

Prompt customer service is important, as you may have pre or post-purchase queries. Also check the mode of communication they have and how responsive they are, as it will help in case of any discrepancy after making the purchase. 

The simpler way is to buy it from Pure Pearls – an Exclusive Hyderabad Pearl Jewellery brand that is both online and offline – a place to get the finest pearls in India. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Being one of the most trustworthy pearl jewellery retailers, our customers often ask us several questions. Here are a few of them. 


1. What size pearls should I buy? 

Generally speaking, the size of pearls should be proportional to the size of your neck if it is a necklace or to your wrist if it is a pearl bracelet or bangle. 


2. Is it safe to buy pearls online? 

Always buy pearls from reputed brands, online or offline. At Pure Pearls, we process payments through highly secured channels and ship products via premium logistics companies all over India and abroad. 


3. How to find pearls to buy within my budget? 

If your budget is low, then we suggest you explore our collection of beautiful freshwater pearls because sea pearls are typically more expensive. 

For a detailed pearl price analysis, read our pearl pricing guide. 

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