Give Thanks for November Birthstones: Citrine and Topaz

Give Thanks for November Birthstones: Citrine and Topaz

citrine and topaz stones
Citrine and topaz birthstones

Jewelry lovers have a great choice for November birthstones—two beautiful golden, autumn-hued gems: citrine and topaz. Don’t worry…if golden-orange isn’t your thing, topaz also comes in a rainbow of colors. We’ll highlight “need-to-know” facts about each, but they have a few things in common: according to the GIA, both are affordable and in strong supply; and both are known for their calming, cheerful healing properties.

Topaz color varieties

Topaz: a rainbow of shimmery colors

  • Most people think of topaz as yellow or blue, but it’s also found in pink, purple, brown, and sometimes red.
  • Many blue topazes in jewelry are actually clear topaz that’s been heat treated.
  • Ancient Greeks believed it gave strength to the wearer; while medieval Europe thought it could negate magic spells and keep the wearer safe.
  • “Imperial topaz,” the most sought after, is pinkish orange; “mystic topaz” has a rainbow effect that’s created by coating clear topaz with an artificial film.
  • In terms of healing properties, topaz is believed to bring joy, generosity, abundance and good health; it’s known as a stone that brings the wearer love and good fortune.

Citrine: the gem of positivity

  • This quartz variety appears in clear yellow to brownish orange. In the past, it was often confused with yellow topaz.
  • Its name is believed to come from the French for lemon, “citron.” Until the 16th century, it was known as “yellow quartz.”
  • Most citrines today are actually heat-treated amethysts. These tend to be more of a burnt-orange in tone; natural citrines are paler yellow.
  • According to the GIA, citrine is one of the most affordable and beautiful yellow gemstones.
  • Ametrine is a particularly beautiful gemstone—it’s a combination of purple amethyst and golden citrine in one stone. These are primarily found in Bolivia.
  • It’s the happiness gemstone: citrine is believed to raise the wearer’s self-esteem and self-confidence, stimulate the brain, and increase positivity and optimism.
ametrine ring
Ametrine: amethyst/citrine in one stone

Caring tips for topaz and citrine

  • Topaz is not an especially tough stone, so the GIA recommends being careful not to chip or crack the gems in your jewelry. Stay away from high heat (like steam cleaners) or sudden temperature changes, which can weaken the internal structure.
  • Citrine is relatively strong and can withstand normal wear in jewelry. Stay away from steam cleaning, which can crack the stone.
  • Both stones are best cleaned with warm, soapy water.

How to buy topaz and citrine

  • Color is the most important factor for both gems. Look for saturated color with little brown tinge.
  • Neither stone should have any visible inclusions. Plus, neither stone is priced much higher due to size, so many designers use them for larger, bold jewelry pieces.

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