Everything You Should Know About Bezel Settings

Everything You Should Know About Bezel Settings

Bezel settings provide both sleek style and extra security perfect for the contemporary, and active, bride. If their sleek design wasn’t enough, these also provide additional protection for your center diamond with their all-encompassing rim. It’s easy to see why the demand for bezel set engagement rings has seen a sharp increase over the past few years.

What Is a Bezel Set Diamond?

A bezel refers to a diamond setting where a ring of metal that encloses around a gemstone, holding it in place. This delivers a clean, thin and protective frame around a ring’s center stone. Although this setting is considered modern and bold, bezel settings are among the oldest jewelry settings used throughout history. Ancient Roman, Byzantine and Egyptian jewelers all favored bezels when setting gemstones. Today, these settings provide an ideal blend of old and new to create a fresh, modern, yet classic setting for an engagement ring. Likewise, these settings also look natural when setting diamonds in fashion rings, wedding bands, earrings and necklaces.

What Are the Advantages of a Bezel Set Engagement Ring?


Bezel settings add an extra layer of protection for your center diamond.

These settings provide unparalleled protection for jewelry. These settings are less likely to wear down over time than a prong setting. Unlike a prong setting, bezels are also less likely to become loose if set properly. This helps to protect your ring against drops or bumps and keeps your center diamond secure. Likewise, these settings offer ideal coverage for active brides or brides with a hands-on job like doctors or nurses.


This setting allows for a vast variety of setting options, to fit an array of diamond shapes and setting styles.

There is a diverse array of options for bezel set engagement rings. Bezel settings can incorporate halo designs and can secure alternative center stone settings such as east-west set diamond. Bezels can be set flat or textured to add additional depth to a ring. Shoppers can also opt for the security of a bezel set diamond without the all-encompassing style with a bezel that is partially open. Bezel set engagement rings also fit a wide range of diamond shapes including fancy shapes such as Asschers, Cushions, Emeralds and Pear Shaped Diamonds.

Visual Impact:

The surrounding metal of a bezel can add to the size of an engagement ring.

Because bezel settings surround a center stone, they add to the circumference of your diamond. Consequently, bezels can add to the impact of your ring, by making the center stone appear larger than it would in a prong setting.

Simplify Cleaning:

The flush setting for this bezel set yellow diamond maximizes ease for cleaning.

Bezel set jewelry tends to be the easiest jewelry to clean. A diamond that is properly set in a bezel sits flush against the metal frame. As a result, it becomes difficult to trap dust and dirt in the ring. Consequently, these rings tend to stay cleaner than prong set engagement rings. Likewise, with fewer nooks and crannies for debris in your ring, while you clean, bezel rings simplify the cleaning process so you can keep your ring shining.

Camouflage Flaws:

The encompassing rim on the edge of a bezel can serve to cover any minor flaws in a diamond, such as a chip on the edge. Likewise, since this setting allows less light to enter a diamond, many minor visual inclusions become less noticeable with bezels.


This Rivera necklace maximizes drama with its stunning bezel set diamonds.

Bezels provide a sleek, contemporary setting that is both dramatic and understated. If you’re searching for a modern, fashionable, yet classic, setting, a bezel may be your best bet.

Are There Any Disadvantages?

Limited Light:

Since the edge of a bezel encloses a diamond, light can be limited as it enters the center stone. Diamonds rely on outsight light to maximize their sparkle. Consequently, this could stifle a diamond’s sparkle. However, since diamonds receive the most light from the top of the stone, bezel set gemstones can still shine brilliantly. If you adore the elegant simplicity of a bezel but worry about your center stone’s shine, consider opting for a bezel that is partially open from the side. Likewise, you can also select a thin bezel with little coverage on the top of the stone to maximize sparkle.

Whether you favor the easy elegance of a bezel setting or if you’re a prong purist, Buchroeders has your back. Visit us in-store or shop online to see more stunning jewelry for yourself.

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