Celebrating a 30th Anniversary With Pearls

Celebrating a 30th Anniversary With Pearls

As a company that believes in honoring life’s most cherished moments, we think every anniversary is a milestone worth celebrating. But wedding anniversaries are particularly impressive, especially when a couple dedicates themselves to one another – in sickness and in health – for several decades. Reaching the 30th year of marriage, for example, is a significant achievement.

Did you know the 30th wedding anniversary is sometimes referred to as the “Pearl Anniversary”? Three decades of commitment to a loved one is traditionally represented by this lustrous gem, which stands as a symbol of wisdom, purity, and love. Just like long-lasting and committed love, pearls take time to grow.

Will you be celebrating a 30-year-long relationship soon? Continue reading this blog post to learn more about 30th anniversary symbols and to discover gift ideas that will turn this significant milestone into a memory that will last a lifetime.

30th Wedding Anniversary Symbols

Traced by various sources to Ancient Rome or medieval Germany, the idea of assigning a special gift to each wedding anniversary has persisted for many centuries. For example, in 18th century Germany, a couple would receive a silver wreath on their 25th anniversary and a gold one on their 50th.

Over time, the pearl emerged as the traditional symbol and gift for 30 years of marriage. Having strongly been connected with the idea of love, pearls represent everlasting commitment, wisdom, purity, and beauty. Similar to pearls, couples who reach 30 years of marriage are quite rare, so a gift of pearls marks the beautiful and rare achievement of a strong bond and long-lasting commitment.

There’s no better way to honor the “big three-oh” than with a gift as precious as the memories it celebrates – timeless and traditional pearls. Pearl necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are popular gift choices for ladies. Celebrating 30 years of commitment is a great time to consider gifting an Add-A-Pearl necklace or earrings with the finest Japanese Akoya cultured pearls. Our necklaces can be personalized with an engraved charm, making it the perfect gift to mark a very special milestone.

Traditional pearl-related gift ideas for men include: pearl tie pins, pearl cufflinks, and mother of pearl watches.

Over time, the list of traditional anniversary gifts has evolved to become more modern and relevant. For example, not many people would get excited by the gift of paper (the traditional first anniversary gift). Today, they can receive a clock instead.

The diamond is an alternative 30th anniversary stone and makes for a more modern anniversary gift. Our 14K White Gold and Diamond Ball Clasp is a perfect finishing touch to a completed necklace or starter necklace with pearls larger than 6mm. Adding a diamond clasp to a pearl necklace is a splendid way to incorporate both the traditional and modern 30th anniversary gems.

Lilies are the flowers associated with 30th wedding anniversaries. These sweet smelling flowers carry a great deal of meaning. Similar to the pearl, lilies have been associated with love, purity, and devotion. The flower is a representation of all that you and your loved one have accomplished over the past 30 years. Lilies are the perfect flower to commemorate your 30th anniversary and are a beautiful addition to any floral arrangement. Lily-scented candles or perfume also make great gift options.

Each wedding anniversary year is designated a color or combination of colors. The traditional color associated with the 30th wedding anniversary is green. Green is the symbol of prosperity, freshness, and progress. Some ways to incorporate this color into your celebration include: cards, party invitations, or even getting out into nature to see beautiful green scenery.

Congratulations on reaching 30 years of marriage! The 30th wedding anniversary is associated with many themes and symbols. You can opt for a more traditional gift or get creative by combining the themes and symbols for a more unique gift that represents your 30 years together. How will you be celebrating your significant milestone? Start building your meaningful jewelry gift here.

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