Bezel-Set Rings : Unique Gemstone Rings

Bezel-Set Rings : Unique Gemstone Rings

Vrai Bezel Ring

This delicate ring feels more traditional than some of the other options here, with a small round-cut diamond and a thin gold band. The sharp bezel cut makes the stone sparkle even more.

Barbela Diamond Nico Ring

A delicate, textured band in 14k yellow gold is a perfect option for a minimalist engagement ring. A round diamond is nestled in a bezel setting to complete the solitaire silhouette.

Vrai The Signature Bezel Emerald

A knife-edge bezel allows light to flood and bounce in all directions so the emerald-cut diamond is as dazzling as possible. The design was created to sit low on the finger and flush with a wedding band to draw the attention to the diamond.

Jacquie Aiche Trillion Diamond Ring

This Jacquie Aiche engagement ring has a notable trillion cut diamond set in a bezel. The shank features carefully placed small, round diamonds along a 14k yellow gold band.

VRAI The Signature Bezel

For a signature look, opt for this round brilliant-cut ring featuring a modern aesthetic. Minimal details, including a knife-edge bezel setting, give the 18k white gold band a streamlined finish.

Ginette NY Medium Lonely Diamond Ring

Update a classic solitaire ring by opting for a diamond in a bezel setting. This piece from Ginette NY, set in 18k rose gold, is perfect for brides with a cool-girl ethos.

Zoë Chicco Bezel Set Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

The emerald-cut diamond in a thick bezel setting adds a rustic vibe to this otherwise delicate and simple, half-round band ring. It’s set in 14k yellow gold for a hint of Grecian goddess appeal.

Gillian Conroy Jewelry Marquise Diamond and Pavé Bezel Ring

We love the antique sensibilities of this half-pavé band ring with a horizontal bezel-set, marquise diamond in the center. Both elegant and rustic, this ring is set in 18k yellow gold with a satin-matte, almost-dirty-gold finish.

Minimal VS Asscher Cut Diamond Ring

A solitaire ring need not be boring. A less common cut, like this Asscher-cut diamond, in a bezel setting, updates a classic and gives it a more contemporary twist. This ring is set in 18k yellow gold.

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