Audrey & Wolf vintage jewels: the perfect gift to give yourself.

Audrey & Wolf vintage jewels: the perfect gift to give yourself.

I believe fiercely in the merit of buying jewelry for oneself, rather than waiting to receive it as a gift from someone else. Self-gifting is a celebration of autonomy, the recognition of one’s own worthiness to seek joy.

Because do you know who deserves a spectacular treat after this difficult year? It’s you, my darlings. You deserve a treat. Perhaps…a jewelry treat?

I am so excited to introduce you all to hidden treasure of a jewelry shop that I recently discovered, Audrey & Wolf!

A treasure trove for vintage jewelry lovers! Look at these colored gemstone rings. From Audrey & Wolf.

Audrey & Wolf vintage jewels: the perfect gift to give yourself.

Audrey & Wolf is a family-owned small business whose goal is to search out beautiful, intriguing, rare, vintage antique and estate jewelry. After years of doing business at the famed Portobello Market in London, they’ve moved their business online, making their curated selection of treasures available to the wider world.

What vintage jewels await you at Audrey & Wolf? Let’s take a look.

A selection of vintage and antique pendants from Audrey & Wolf vintage jewelry.

The majority of the vintage jewels Audrey & Wolf offers are classic antique English pieces, discovered through extensive treasure hunting around the UK and Europe. It’s their passion to find new homes for these beautiful pieces; they seek out noteworthy treasures from every era.

Just look at the variety in this one photo: the rich textured surface of the snake brooch, the vivid enamel and luminous cabochons of the pendant, the exquisite charm of the turtle pendant, the whisper-light details of the guilloche pendant and finally the dark romance of the deep blue witch’s heart brooch.

Antique diamond rings from Audrey & Wolf.

When you gift yourself an antique or vintage jewel, you become one link in a chain stretching back into history. You’re not just buying a pretty accessory, you are ensuring the survival of a piece of the past, you’re writing a new chapter in an ongoing, unfished story.

Any one of these antique diamond rings from Audrey & Wolf would be a magnificent personal power ring.

Do you know what I mean by a power ring? It’s a piece you put on when you want to remind yourself that you’re a magnificent badass who can do anything. That’s what I see here.

Vintage and antique gold rings from Audrey & Wolf vintage jewelry.

These chunky gold rings are the perfect example of the bold gold trend that’s currently sweeping contemporary jewelry. These beauties, however, all share something that contemporary jewels can never match: the rich, otherworldly allure of old gold.

Old gold is a tactile experience. Its buttery smoothness perfected by decades of wear, its coldness that gradually takes on the warmth of your skin, the tiny imperfections that give evidence to the fact that you’re wearing a jewel that’s been on this earth for longer than you have.

These low-profile, flush-set beauties have been popular since the 1800’s and they’re just as chic today.

A vibrant selection of colored gemstone cocktail rings. From Audrey & Wolf vintage jewelry.

When I’m choosing a colored stone piece for myself, I love to pay attention to how colored stones make me feel, instead of just how they look: do I crave the serenity of a tourmaline, the sunshine cheerfulness of a yellow sapphire, or the secretive soulful magic of a garnet?

Rubies and sapphires are hard to beat for daily wear, since they’re the most durable stones, but you shouldn’t miss Audrey & Wolf’s selection of rings that feature semi-precious stones, like topaz and aquamarine. Semi-precious stones are less expensive, so you can go for a major look without paying a major price.

It was an Instagram post of this Imperial topaz ring that first made me notice Audrey & Wolf.

A selection of fantastic vintage charms all in gold. From Audrey & Wolf vintage jewelry.

I’ve mentioned this on Instagram but I’ll say it again here: every vintage jewel I’ve bought for myself in 2020 has been a charm. They’re so tiny and perfect and full of meaning! Audrey & Wolf has a great selection of these little pretties.

What do you think, my darlings? Do you plan to gift yourself some vintage jewels this holiday season?

Have you fallen in love with any of these treasures from Audrey & Wolf?? Let’s discuss.

An exquisite antique arrow brooch in diamonds. From Audrey & Wolf vintage jewelry.

For more vintage jewels from Audrey & Wolf, please visit their website here and their Instagram here.

This sponsored post is brought to you by Audrey & Wolf.

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