Top 7 Frequently asked questions about engagement rings | Xennox Diamonds

Top 7 Frequently asked questions about engagement rings | Xennox Diamonds

1. Which is the Best – White Gold or Platinum?
There are a lot of myths surrounding platinum. So, here are the facts. Platinum is about 34% denser than white gold. This means it will be better wearing than white gold. While this makes platinum a better choice, it doesn’t mean that white gold is a wrong choice for your engagement ring. If you are choosing white gold then go for 18ct, as it is the most wearable of them all. When it comes to maintenance, Platinum engagement rings don’t need to be rhodium plated every few years like white gold, but they are not maintenance free. They will need to be polished if you want to keep them looking good. Remember going for a platinum engagement ring will mean that you need to go for a platinum wedding ring and platinum eternity ring as well.

2. Should I Choose a mined diamond, or a laboratory created diamond engagement ring?
Technology is moving at a crazy pace, with new innovations happening every day. Scientists have now worked out how to replicate the exact conditions that happened below the ground more than a billion years ago that led to the creation of diamonds. They have done this by taking a small mined seed crystal and growing it in special chambers infused with Carbon gas which helps the small crystal grow into a larger diamond in a matter of months, so creating a laboratory created diamond.

Whether or not you are looking at a mined diamond or a created diamond, will come down to whether you would like a significantly larger diamond for the same budget (around a 40% bigger diamond) that is created  with a sustainable and socially responsible  method or a diamond that was created below the ground a billion years ago. You can find out more about created diamonds here.

3. How do you guess the size for your partners engagement ring?
There are a couple of popular methods when it comes to sizing an engagement ring. The easiest method is pinching a ring that she wears on her ring finger on the other hand. The second is looking at her hands. The average finger size for most ladies is L to M. From there you can go one size either side of that if you think her fingers are a little larger or smaller than standard. It is always better to go a touch bigger to make sure it goes on, for the proposal. You can see some more tips on choosing the perfect ring size here.

4. Should you go with your fiancée to choose an engagement ring
This is a personal question. It depends on how long you have been together and how specific your partner has been in the hint dropping department. Most partners will love the fact that you have gone to the effort of choosing something for them. However, if your partner would like to be involved in the process of having their engagement ring designed, you can still maintain an element of surprise by proposing with the diamond. Your jeweller should be able to have everything included in the price so your partner need not be any the wiser and just enjoy the experience of having the engagement ring designed with sipping champagne or have a glass of whisky.

5. How much should you spend on an engagement ring
There is no point starting your journey to happily ever after with an argument over finances. So, whether it is one month or three months’ salary, choose a figure that you are comfortable spending, but remember this is something that you are going to have for the next 60 years or so. These days as most couples have shared bank accounts; they will often have a joint discussion over how much the ring budget should be. For those that like to keep things separate squirrelling money away can still be challenging.

There is no such thing as a set amount of money that you should spend. Although for most couples this is usually more tied to the size of the diamond they are looking at. If you are looking at a good one carat diamond engagement ring, then as a rough guide, budget on around $10,000 – $14000.
There are a few options like Xennox Pay, Zip Money, TLC and Humm that can help you keep the element of surprise and yet still give your partner the ring you think they have been dreaming of. Try and make sure that the weekly repayments are within comfortable limits.

6. Round brilliant cut vs a fancy cut diamond
Currently about 80% of the worlds production for polished diamonds is round. So, if your partner hasn’t given you a preference to the shape of the diamond they want, then it is best to go for the traditional round brilliant cut diamonds. Emerald cut, marquise cut, and heart shape diamonds are extremely personal preferences. Only choose these styles if your partner has expressed a significant interest in them, and ideally tried a few rings on with this cut type.

7. Are claw set engagement rings safe.
Any ring made well will be safe, likewise even the most secure setting made poorly will not hold your stone. The old tale about claws catching on clothes is nothing more than an engagement ring in desperate need of some TLC. Gold or platinum does not have an elastic memory. When a stone gets bumped or knocked the claw moves ever so slightly off the stone creating a little gap for a thread or hair to catch on the claw, which can pull the claw even further away from the diamond. All that a jeweller needs to do is push down on a claw to secure the stone. (this is not something that you should try at home).

When claws become sharp it is because you have worn the top of the claw down leaving a sharp edge. If you are finding that you are scratching yourself with your claws, then it just means the jeweller needs to round the edges to smooth them off again. All your jewellery that you wear daily should be checked by a qualified jeweller, to check the position and health of your claws. If you do this on a regular basis you will never have a problem with your engagement ring claws.

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