The Wide World of Pearls, Our 54th Issue: Cultured Pearls vs “Real” Pe

The Wide World of Pearls, Our 54th Issue: Cultured Pearls vs “Real” Pe


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Pearl Eye Candy: Hanadama Pearls and Japanese Sake




Check out the luster on these Hanadama and blue-colored Madama Baroque Akoya pearls. We created a limited edition line of Hanadama Tin Cup Necklaces using “left over” pearls from customized Hanadama pearl necklaces. 


You Ask We Answer Pearl FAQs: Cultured Pearls vs Real Pearls?


We can’t tell you how often we hear: “I want real pearls, not those cultured pearls!”

So, here’s the deal…

Apart from a very small collectors market in natural (wild pearls), all pearls bought and sold on the retail market are cultured pearls.

As a reference point, a strand of natural pearls could sell for $1.0 million+.

Unless you’re the Prince of Monaco, cultured pearls are what you’re looking for.

Cultured pearls are real pearls grown inside real oysters at pearl farms in Japan, Australia, Indonesia, China and many more locations.

Natural/Wild Pearls are typically found by shellfish harvesters purely by accident. You might have to open 10,000 oysters to find a single decent quality natural pearl.

It’s this rarity that gives them their high price tag, not necessarily their beauty.

Where it gets confusing, is some traditional jewelers will refer to freshwater pearls as “cultured pearls” and Akoya pearls  as “saltwater pearls” or “real pearls”.

It’s a confusing to say the least. Either they don’t know any better or they’re trying to push you to the more expensive pearl.

I firmly believe when discussing pearls, the buyer and seller should always use the exact pearl type and avoid general terms like “cultured pearls”.

If you’d like to learn more about all the cultured pearl types visit: Guide to Cultured Pearl Types


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