The 5 Best Winter Proposal Ideas

The 5 Best Winter Proposal Ideas

Winter ushers in a cozy season of beauty. Between the
gorgeous snow, outdoor adventures, chilly temperatures (can you say cuddle
weather?), family togetherness and seasonal traditions, winter marks an
especially significant season to ask your partner to spend their life with you.
than 40% of  all proposals
between December and February, marking this season as the most popular time of
year to pop the question.  And between
the stunning snow, festive activities and cozy atmosphere, it’s easy to see

Here are 5 of our favorite winter proposal ideas:

1. Steal Santa’s Thunder

Give her a Christmas that she’ll cherish forever with a surprise proposal. An engagement ring box is the perfect size to place within a stocking or to hide on your tree. You can opt to either wrap the box, or leave it unwrapped. Once she finds the gift and opens the box, you can assume the kneeling position to make this the perfect, intimate proposal. This cozy, romantic proposal will make this Christmas one she’ll never forget.

2. Light Up Her Face

There’s something magical about Christmas lights. Take your partner to a local seasonal light show, like the magic tree in Downtown Coumbia, Warm Springs Ranch or to the botanical gardens in either Saint Louis or Kansas City. Make sure to have a photographer onsite if you opt to propose in one of these locations because this proposal is guaranteed to be gorgeous.

3. Love It a Latte

What better way to propose to a coffee aficionado than with
their favorite beverage in hand? Use a coffee stencil to propose to your
partner, or opt for a mug with a secret message at the bottom. Once your
partner finishes their beverage, they can read your proposal. Just be ready on
one knee with your ring when the time comes.

4. Take a Snowy Stoll

Soak in all of the beauty of nature in the wintertime with a lovely stroll. Join your partner on a winter hike where you can observe all the majesty of winter. You can scout the perfect location for a proposal ahead of time. When your partner joins you on this walk you’ll be prepared when you two hit the perfect place.

5. Go On an Adventure

Winter also marks an ideal time for outdoor sports, such as skiing, ice skating, dog sledding and tobogganing. Take advantage of the picturesque landscapes (and the rush of adrenaline) that accompany these sports to propose to your partner.

The perfect ring is also a key aspect of the perfect proposal. An engagement ring marks a pivotal piece of jewelry that people will wear for the rest of their lives. Make sure it’s something they’ll cherish forever. Shop Buchroeders engagement rings to see incredible pieces she’s sure to love.

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