Pearls for Diwali – The Most Unique Gift within Your Budget

Pearls for Diwali – The Most Unique Gift within Your Budget

Diwali, the festival of lights, is a day filled with joy and celebration with friends and family. Every one of us likes to feel special and cared for, and our loved ones are no exception. So, this Diwali put the spotlight on them and make them feel loved and cared for by gifting them a beautiful pearl necklace set or other stunning pearl jewellery that fits your budget. 

Below are six categories you can explore to gift your loved ones on Diwali and take their celebrations to the next level! 

  1. Plain Pearl Sets 
  2. Pearl Bangles 
  3. Pearl Earrings 
  4. White Pearls 
  5. Pearl Accessories 
  6. Sea Pearls 

Plain Pearl Sets

Plain pearl necklace sets are as timeless as jewellery can get. If the person you are gifting likes simple, yet precious jewellery, then plain pearl sets are the right pick for you! 

Pure Pearls offers a wide variety, both in price and design, in this section. The prices of authentic plain pearl necklace sets start from as low as INR 950 and can go over INR 20,000 for freshwater pearls. With such a broad range of prices and an extensive collection, you can be sure to find the right pick for you during your Diwali shopping! 

Pearl Bangles 

Many women fancy bangles, especially on an occasion like Diwali. Unfortunately, the designs that jewellers offer in the market when it comes to bangles are not very unique. All of them seem alike with minor variations in colours. 

Lucky for you, Pure Pearls has a large and unique collection of pearl bangles. What’s more is that, unlike regular jewellers, we at Pure Pearls sell at highly affordable prices. Hence, you can be assured that you are getting the best bang for your buck! 

Pearl Earrings 

Many of us have an inexplicable affinity towards earrings. Maybe because they help us decorate our faces or maybe because they make our facial features livelier and accentuate our beauty. Whatever may be the reason, earrings are here to stay, and people are going to continue loving them. 

Therefore, gifting your special ones a set of beautiful certified pearl earrings on the joyful occasion of Diwali is truly wholesome. 

White Pearls 

One can never go wrong when deciding what to gift in white pearl necklace sets. If you are in a dilemma about what your special person is going to love, then we suggest you choose a beautiful pearl necklace set in white. 

White pearls are very neutral, yet are bold enough to make a statement when worn! They can be worn with any outfit and will not go out of fashion. They can even be worn on various other types of occasion, not just Diwali. 

Pearl Accessories 

You do not necessarily always have to go for the exquisite full pearl jewellery set. Pure Pearls also offers a range of pearl accessories for Diwali like never before! Gift your friends and family an everlasting present. 

Below are some certified pearl accessories that people love: 

  • Pearl bracelets 
  • Adjustable-size pearl finger rings 
  • Simple Pearl Pendants 
  • Pearl Saree Pins and Brooches 
  • Pearl Watches 

Sea Pearls 

If you do not want to hold back on love or money for your special ones, then gifting them beautiful, authentic and certified sea pearl jewellery sets on the festival of Diwali is a truly soulful gesture of love! 

Pure Pearls has an unparalleled range of collection when it comes to high-quality sea-pearl sea pearl sets online! Our collection includes: 

  • Keshi Pearls 
  • Tahitian Pearls 
  • South Sea Pearls in Gold 
  • South Sea Pearls in Silver 

Choose from our extensive collection at Pure Pearls. You can even get a custom pearl pendant made for your chosen pearls. Feel free to contact us if you need assistance. 


Out of the six categories mentioned above, which one stuck to you? Remember, many of our pearl jewellery models are unique pieces. So, do not miss out on your chance to grab your favourite designer pearl jewellery at an affordable price this Diwali.

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