Pearl Month in Full Swing – Kojima Pearl

Pearl Month in Full Swing – Kojima Pearl

Here are some of my favorite highlights so far in this MONTH OF THE PEARL!

We have received some very special carved pearls from Tahiti.

Each pearl is one of a kind, the carving is EXPERTLY done, and the pearls are colorful and large.

These two example are 16 and 17mm!

I first started buying carved pearls in the Cook Islands in 2004!

I met Jim Tokerau at his studio and was absolutely mesmerized by the intricate seascapes and detail he so expertly carved into these precious black pearls.

(black pearls are not only grown in Tahiti :)

Over the years, I have bought and sold many carved pearls.

I only buy the pearls I love… That is also something I tell any and all perspective customers!

I have seen some pretty awful carved pearls on the market as of late…

so it is with even more joy that I can help to support this ancient tradition of Polynesian carving.

You can read more about carved pearls on Pearl-Guide , and see some of our past designs using carved pearls.

We also have a brand new strand of Japan Kasumi pearls available.

Here is our dear friend (and cancer survivor) modeling them last weekend.

She is a most graceful woman and it is an honor to watch them glow with her.

Strong women in pearls … bow down!

We have just finished a great and very busy show. Looking forward to creating more new pieces and uploading more of our treasures!

Thank you all for your support and warm words.

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