Get Your Wedding Rings Protected | Xennox Diamonds

Get Your Wedding Rings Protected | Xennox Diamonds

There are many decisions you need to make when you are about to get married and we can help make everything run smoothly. 

One decision you might not be thinking about at the moment is about protecting that investment for the future.

Now, I know you already have a million things going on and you are excited about the wedding day but the last piece of advice I’d like to give you is about getting your rings insured just in case something happens.

Maybe you think it’s something that can wait until after the big day. However, you should really think about taking out insurance straight away. An engagement ring and your wedding rings are a major financial investment and without being too pessimistic, anything can happen.

But choosing the right insurance policy to cover the rings is the most important thing. Insuring your ring under your basic house insurance is not going to be good enough.

Let me ask you this: would you insure your car with a boat insurance company? 

Well, insuring your ring under household contents insurance is essentially the same thing. Household contents insurance, as the name suggests, is specifically tailored to the contents that normally reside inside the house. The wording of the policy rarely takes into account the complexity and difficulty of insuring jewellery. 

The reason jewellery is so hard to insure is that a ring can be melted down, stones taken out and reused in a number of other rings. If you want the best insurance cover and peace of mind, it is best to insure with a company that is specially designed to insure jewellery and only jewellery.

These types of policy are written by a jeweller, especially for you, the wearer and means your ring is not lumped together with car or house insurance items. It also guarantees your jeweller will be the one who will take care of you if the worst happens. 

It is widely known that insurers don’t understand jewellery; they have little to no respect for the bond between you and your jeweller. However, insuring with a certified jewellery insurance company is about securing and building on to that bond, to make sure that the items you hold dear are well and truly protected.

Find out more recommendations about which insurance broker we recommend for jewellery specific insurance and get help choosing the perfect wedding rings for your special day by booking a Discovery Session with our Diamond Experts.

Join us for a drink at our in-store bar while you get a one-on-one Discovery Session with our expertly trained staff who can answer any questions you might have about ring design and insurance.

We are ready to help you now, book an appointment with us today.

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