Everlasting Life(style) Rings – The Diamond Reserve

Everlasting Life(style) Rings – The Diamond Reserve

Full of everlasting energy? Constantly outdoors? Have a hands-on profession? Your engagement ring should match your lifestyle. Everyone has varying levels of activity, and finding a ring that fits your lifestyle is important when customizing your diamond jewelry. There are many options available for those who run, lift, climb, care, or create! Browse the options below and let your mind imagine all the possibilities!


In the world of security, bezel-set rings are a perfect option for those concerned about losing their stone in the midst of life’s goings on. Clean and bold, bezel set rings emphasize your diamond’s shape and ensure your stone stays put. With continuous lines, the design characteristics of this timeless look match wearers’ continuous energy.

A second winning design feature, this setting is prongless. Say no to getting caught on fabrics, and hello to ease. For cold weather lovers and outdoor winter runners, gloves slide on without difficulty for cold weather protection and safety. Regardless of your preference, bezel settings work with virtually any shape. From classic rounds to teardrop pears, bezel-set rings shine bright for all searching for a chic design perfect for active lifestyles.

A quick note, bezel-set rings incorporate more metal into the surround of your diamond. This can affect the appearance of your diamond by restricting light into certain areas. For some, this means camouflaging pesky inclusions. A positive! For others, they are concerned about dwarfing their diamond with additional metal around their stone. That said, the effects are minute but worth mentioning.


Moving from the setting to the metal type, platinum reigns queen for those seeking a ring fit for all environments. Platinum is one of the stronger and more forgiving precious metals. Platinum is ideal for those who are concerned about remembering to remove their ring at ALL the right moments.

That said, we do encourage proper ring care. Refer to our previous blogs to learn more about your ring’s care instructions. Platinum is truly the way to go for those not won over by the bezel setting but still seeking durable design.


With all the information presented, we hope active-friendly design and composition are much more attainable. Anything is possible and all types of lifestyles are included in our thoughts. If the details provided have sparked your interest, book an engagement consultation to discuss your dream ring fit for all of your daily tasks and adventurous excursions.

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