CZ Rings Perfect for Daily Wear (under $50) : Unique Gemstone Rings

CZ Rings Perfect for Daily Wear (under $50) : Unique Gemstone Rings

Luxury Big Cushion Stone

If you’re on the search for a very glamorous diamond ring and don’t want to spend big bucks, we’ve discovered this $27.49 luxury big cushion stone at Etsy. The handmade circular cubic zirconia stone is set on three adorned bands. With a perfect cut and facets, this stone has fantastic reflections and serious sparkle factor.

EAMTI 3CT 925 Sterling Silver Engagement Ring

Crafted in sterling silver, the fake diamond features four prongs to keep the stone in place while giving it a more realistic feel. This one is simple, pretty, and just sparkly enough, and at under $20, it’s easily replaceable.

Luxuria Lumiere Ring

This classic solitaire ring features a Tiffany-inspired band, with a traditional round-cut stone. Set in sterling silver, it’s durable and realistic-looking and will fool almost anyone.

MDFUN 18K White Gold Plated Cubic Zirconia

This ring, featuring a round center stone in a bedazzled cushion-cut halo with a sparkling band is traditional and classic. It’s made with a realistic-looking cubic zirconia stone and feels special without being too much.

Starchenie Twisted Sterling Silver Engagement Ring

This Starchenie sterling silver engagement ring has a modern, complex design that keeps one looking at its beauty for some time. It has a heart-shaped cubic zirconia as the centerpiece, which is set on a twisted double band.

Amazon Collection Three-Stone Ring

Work in healthcare or a field where you constantly find yourself taking your wedding ring off? Worried you’re going to lose it one of these days—or maybe you have already? Consider tucking it away at home for special occasions and buying a much more affordable version that you’ll never really have to worry about. For just over $20, this three-stone Amazon Collection ring would get the job done. Its cubic zirconia stones are shiny, and its plating would fool even the most discerning eye. You can even pick what size your center stone is, going all the way up to a glitzy four carats. And, if you ever lose this one, you can always just order another. 

Amazon Collection Two-Piece Ring Set

Everyone knows that Swarovski makes quality crystals. The company’s glittering gemstones might not be actual diamonds, but they’re just about as beautiful. That’s probably why Amazon Collection selected the stones for its two-piece wedding set, which boasts both a round brilliant cut cubic zirconia engagement ring and a pave-set zirconia eternity band. Built for longevity, the rings are electro-coated with platinum for a lustrous appearance. They’re also made using sustainable resources and by socially responsible providers, which means wearers can feel good about the origins of their lovely new jewelry. 

Pavoi Criss-Crossed CZ ring

A stylish and on-trend option, Pavoi’s criss-crossed ring is both affordable and beautiful. The ring’s two CZ bands intersect each other, making a slight X that looks great on any wearer’s finger. Crafted in 925 sterling silver and plated with 14K gold, the ring is made to be long-lasting and lovely, but also available at a very reasonable price point. 

CZ Rings Perfect for Daily Wear (under $50) : Unique Gemstone Rings News

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