All About Black Pearls and Why They Are Irresistible!

All About Black Pearls and Why They Are Irresistible!

Have you ever looked at a stunning plain black pearl necklace and thought to yourself “Gosh! I wish I owned it”. If yes, then you’re not alone. Many women over the world have been seduced by the magic and aura of black pearls.

Black pearls are an exotic variety of freshwater pearls that are valued across the world for their magnificent beauty and elegance. These pearls are relative newcomers to the pearl world, popularized only as early as the mid-1900s. In the last decade or so, they have captured the attention of jewellery designers as well as fashionistas.  Black pearls are more commonly known as Tahitian Pearls because they are primarily cultivated around the islands of French Polynesia, Tahiti.

Black pearls are not exactly black!  They come in a remarkable range of colours –from dark charcoal grey to regal greens, iridescent peacock and deep black. Because of their vast colour range, matching these pearls into a finished strand requires thousands of loose pearls to create a single strand.

But what is it that makes black pearls and black pearl necklace designs so special that they instantly captures one’s attention?

What Makes Black Pearls So Unique?

The unique pearls are formed when the black-lipped Pinctada margaritifera oyster secretes darker coloured nacre instead of the usual glossy white. A black pearl can also be formed from a white pearl-producing oyster that has an unusual black colouring in its nacre. This, however, is very rare and occurs in only one in 10,000 pearls.  Black pearls are much larger in size than the other popular black pearl varieties, ranging in size from 8.0 mm up to 16.0 mm or larger, which makes them unique.

Black Pearls Myths And Symbolism

Black pearls have always been surrounded by an aura of mystery and magic. Some believe they radiate positive energy and protect the wearer from evil eyes. While others believe they carry healing powers and bestow good fortune. There are countless myths and legends associated with these rare and beautiful gems. Chinese legend says, pearls were formed in the heads of dragons, which they perceived as wise, and the dragons carried the pearls between their teeth until their death. *

According to a Sinhalese legend, Adam and Eve shed tears which created a lake of pearls. The white pearls were formed by the tears of Eve, while the black pearls came from Adam’s tears. Since men cry less than women, that explained why black pearls were so rare compared to white pearls.*

Polynesians believed that Oro, the god of peace and fertility, visited the earth on a rainbow and gave a black pearl to Princess Bora Bora. The pearl was a symbol of his love, and even now some believe that when you buy black pearl jewellery for someone, it represents eternal love. *

How To Wear Black Pearls?

Unlike the versatile classic white pearls, black pearls cannot be easily matched with your everyday outfit. Because of their size and rich lustre, they are more suited for formal situations. While lending a distinct style and sophistication to the outfit, they amp up the glamour quotient too!

You can pair the black pearls with office formals. A black pearl pendant paired with matching earrings can make a style statement.

single strand black or grey pearl necklace will complement a black dress perfectly. You can also pair it with a black skirt or a casual blazer.

At Pure Pearls, we have a limited edition of creations in black pearls – from braceletsringspendants, single/double strand pearl necklaces to elegant earrings at extremely affordable prices. And as always, it goes without saying, we carefully handpick only the highest quality of pearls from reliable and trusted sources. You can shop online or drop into our store at

1. Black Pearls are Rare

Humans are attracted to things that are out of the ordinary. The colours that often come to their mind when they think about pearls – are either classic white or pink. Seldom it’s black. That’s why, when they come across jewellery made from black/dark grey/charcoal shade pearls, they are instantly drawn to them. 

Moreover, black pearls are rare and are not formed as frequently as white pearls. Typically, they are a native of Tahiti – the largest island in French Polynesia. Hence, they are also commonly known as Tahiti Pearls or Tahitian Pearls.

Unlike freshwater pearls, all black pearls are saltwater pearls. Though freshwater pearls are not naturally black in colour, they can be dyed to get various rich rues. Pure Pearls has an extensive range of affordable black-dyed freshwater pearls that come with a certificate of authenticity.

2. They Have Very Rich Colours

Black pearls are exotic and have very unique colours. The Margaritifera Oyster secretes darker nacre – as a result of which pearls have a stunning spectrum of colours  – from silvery grey to jet black, and even shades of midnight blue, green, purple and bronze. 

A  Tahitian pearl pendant is the best way to radiate the beauty of a Tahitian pearl. If you are looking for something subtle, yet bold, check out these beautiful black pearl pendants in silver. You will certainly love them!

3. Right Choice for Every Outfit

Matching an outfit with the perfect accessory can be a monumental task. But with black pearls, your dressing game goes to a whole new level without these hassles. The neutral shades of Tahitian pearls make it easy to match them with your traditional and corporate attire.


Whether you are wearing a saree to work or a special traditional occasion, Tahitian pearls have got your back!

Accentuate your light-coloured saree outfit with a rich black or grey pearl necklace. If it’s a dark saree you’ve chosen, then go all-bold by pairing your attire with a jet-black multi-line pearl necklace.


If you want to make a statement with your casual attire then black pearls are your go-to accessories. They not only make stand-out unique pieces but are also affordable and well-suited for daily wear,

A black pearl bracelet will be a perfect pick for your casual clothing. Pair it with black pearl studs adorned with American diamonds, and you’re sure to make heads turn!


Most workspaces, schools and colleges have a strict dress code. But that does not mean you cannot look your best. Black pearls are hands down one when it comes to jewellery that blends fluidly with formal attire.


That was just a primer to why black pearls are irresistible! By using your creativity and imagination, there is no limit to what you can do with black pearls. Start by exploring our stunning collection of black pearl creations and rock your style.

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