5 Ways to Add a Signature Scent Your Wedding

5 Ways to Add a Signature Scent Your Wedding

After the magic of your proposal, the time comes to get down to business and start planning your wedding. Above all else, couples want their wedding day to be a day to remember; for both themselves and their guests alike.

The number of choices you have to make regarding your special day are seemingly endless. Which guests should you invite? What venue is your best option? Which flowers will you choose? What food will you serve? Which traditions should you embrace?
The questions loom.

There’s one more decision to consider that will help make your wedding day one to remember. What should your wedding smell like?

Scentscaping is a big trend in recent wedding planning, with origins in retail spaces, hotels and spas: creating a custom atmosphere or mood using fragrance. Brides and wedding planners are using this to elevate their wedding. By associating your big day with a particular scent, it ensures that guests will recall your wedding day from a smell

There are a number of ways to customize the scent of your wedding, many of which double as decor to add an extra element to your day.

From candles to perfume, here are five ways you can pick a scent theme for your wedding:

1. Flowers

What’s a wedding day without beautiful floral arrangements? Strategically using fragrant blooms throughout your wedding as centerpieces, decor and of course, bouquets delivers a beautiful and aromatic element to your event. You could even get creative by sprinkling petals down the aisle and throughout the venue! Floral smells give off a classic, romantic and feminine vibe. Consequently, choosing strongly scented flowers will give your wedding an extra element: roses, gardenia, lily-of-the-valley and jasmine all offer rich scents without being overpowering.

2. Potpourri

Scented potpourri comes in many different varieties. This variety ensures that you can easily find potpourri that will fit in perfectly throughout your wedding. Fragrant options such as dried flowers, herbs, dried cloves and cinnamon, all provide opportunities to showcase your wedding’s unique scent. There’s no limit to the ways potpourri can help you scent your wedding.

For an added element, package up your wedding day blend and send it home with guests as a wedding favor!

3. Candles

Scented candles give your ceremony and reception an added element of luxe. Candles provide an easy, classic decoration that will also give off a beautiful, subtle smell and romantic glow. Get creative with your scents! However, if you’re planning to use scented candles as centerpieces make sure to choose clean, subtle smells that won’t interfere with the meal you serve. Be sure to save some of your special candles for the future. Using the same candles from your wedding to light on special occasions, like anniversaries and birthdays can evoke memories from your happiest day!

4. Essential Oils

Why not scentscape with something to keep you stress-free? Strategically arrange diffusers throughout your venue to spritz crowd-pleasing oils (like lavender, vanilla or geranium) to keep you and your guests happy and stress-free on your wedding day.

5. Perfume + Cologne

Choosing a perfume and cologne specifically for the bride, groom and bridal party is a great way to give all of your loved ones something special to remember your special day by. Whenever they spray the perfume or cologne, your wedding party will be reminded of your wedding. This also serves as a great keepsake for the happy couple to break out on special occasions!

No matter how you choose to scent your big day, remember to enjoy the planning process. From picking out wedding bands to choosing a venue, this is an exciting time for you and your partner to spend together!

For those who want to set their big day apart from the rest, check out this visual on how to pick and implement a scent theme into your wedding day, courtesy of FragranceX!

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